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Campus Grounds, the student run coffee shop, is a public area, yet simultaneously generates a unique atmosphere where people study, read, think, or simply relax. It is my hope, that the installation of this piece of semi-public art will generate some degree of introspection and reflective thought in what I believe to be a unique area of campus. Additionally, the phrases exhibited in this piece will be displayed via LED lights. This is done with the intention of generating several qualities for the work. Firstly, the interaction of the lights is meant to create a certain interaction within the piece that will hopefully make it more engaging. In addition to that, I hope that as the days get shorter and colder, the lights will also serve as a comforting and intriguing presence.

Model Organism​

Krista Roberto

​“Model Organism” is a magnified, abstracted Drosophila melanogaster  constructed with steel, which stands at approximately 4.5 feet. This giant fruit fly will be displayed in Winston Hall, and enjoyed by the faculty and students of the Wake Forest University biology department. The use of D. melanogaster as a model organism is widespread and familiar to anyone who has circulated through a genetics course. The scale and upright position of this sculpture are intentional and serves the purpose of referencing human beings. In a mildly humorous way, I intend to encourage people to think about the absurd and incredible way common fruit flies have contributed to our current understanding of molecular biology. This simple homage to the fruit fly may serve as a conversation starter for all who have the opportunity to appreciate it, and will hopefully be adopted as a beloved member of Wake Forest’s scientific community.
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